Sunday, February 24, 2013

Urban Decay 24./7 Glide-On Eye Pencils

I always wanted to try their eyeliners because I’ve heard such amazing things about them. But I could never get over the fact that they’re $19 for one pencil when I normally buy NYX eyeliners. I decided I needed to just get it over it and buy one, so I got Pervision. It’s like the blackest black. I fell in love with it! They are so pigmented and last forever. They have such a good staying power. Normally when I put eyeliner on my waterline it will somehow disappear within an hour, but not these liners. They stay on forever! I got a pack that had two small sizes of Zero and one other color. I loved loved loved them! Then for Christmas my mom got me the smokey eye pencil set. I love them! They are so easy. My favorite thing is that you can wear them with a natural eye, a smokey eye, or even just by them self. When I’m running late to work or school I can just add a little eyeliner instead of not doing any eye makeup. They are incredible. I love them so much and don’t think I could ever live without them. I am going to get a few more because they have so many good and pretty colors. 

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