Sunday, September 16, 2012

Beach Makeup

Since I’ve lived in Southern California I’ve gone to the beach a few times, but never gone in the ocean. It’s freezing. A few days ago I went to Venice Beach. I didn’t want to not wear any makeup because that’s not the most prettiest view. But I also couldn’t wear a lot because I didn’t want my face to sweat off. I just wanted a nice simple easy look. I  wore a little bit of Urban Decay’s Half Baked eye shadow on my lid and a smidge bit of a teal color on my lower lash line to make it a little more colorful. I just wore my Bare Minerals powder foundation and add a little bronzer and blush. For my lips I just used a tinted pink lip balm for a little color. I had to add a little mascara just to open up my eyes. I wore my hair more natural and wavy instead of straightening it because I was going to the beach. My hair straightened and the beach don’t mix. 

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