Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Job Searching Outfit of The Day

I tried to venture out into the cold world to find a job. I don’t know 100% what kind of job I want. All I know is I want to work somewhere fun. I thought that I should wear something fun instead of something more professional and traditional that I normally would. I wore black liquid leggings from Pacsun that I found on sale there one day, a black lacy frilly tank top from Express, and my favorite boots that I wear 99% of the time. I wore a bunch of random rings, a gold Juicy watch, my favorite bow bracelet that my best friend Danielle got me for my birthday, and some fun gold dangly earrings. For my make up I just wore thick eyeliner, a little blush and bronzer, and then dark red lips. Later on in the day I decided I was sick of dark red lips so I took it off and used my concealer and clear lip gloss to have nude lips. My other best friend Amber and I adventured all around LA turning in job applications and resumes. It was a productive day. Only problem was that it was way too hot to wear my hair down and all black. 

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