Sunday, September 16, 2012

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush Review Color: 30 Candy Coral

I was so excited when I saw these blushes when they first came out. I am a complete sucker for anything new. I was so excited about this bouncy formula, but it doesn’t make complete sense. I hate it. I have tried multiple ways of applying it but it never looks good. You can tell I’ve tried so many different ways because of how messed up the picture is.  Sometimes it looks too thick, pigmented and drag queenish. Other times it’s too sheer and looks awkward. It doesn’t look like blush but it looks like something seriously went wrong with my foundation or my make up melted off there. It doesn’t stay on at all. Then it disappears within 20 minutes. I have tried applying it with a regular blush brush, a foundation brush, stippling blush bush, my fingers, and even tried rubbing the blush in the container on my cheeks. I will never repurchase this ever again. I think this might be good for someone whose like a preteen and they just want to play with makeup. It’d be good for a preteen because they don’t really need a bright colored blush nor anything full coverage. But for someone who loves bright, intense make up this is terrible. It might be good for someone who wants a little bit of color at the pool or beach or one of those people who wears make up at the gym, but it’s not for me. 

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