Sunday, September 9, 2012

Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Eye shadow Palette

The Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Eye Shadow Palette offers a wide variety of colors. Every single one of them is really pigmented. When they are worn with a primer they last for hours and hours. They are all shimmery except the black is matte. They all blend incredibly easily. I normally wear these colors when I want more dramatic makeup. One of my favorite looks in spring and summer is wearing Deep End (teal) winged eyeliner with Evidence (navy blue) on my lower lash line blending into the winged liner. Whenever I want a really colorful daytime look I normally wear Junkshow (bright pink) all of my lid with a matte brown in the crease and a little bit of Tainted (light pink) in my inner corner. I will normally add a dramatic winged eyeliner to this just to give it a little extra oomph. When I go out with friends at night and feel like doing something colorful, yet dramatic over 50% of the time I will do a purple smokey eye. I use Omen (bright purple) all over my lid, a matte brown in my crease, Half Truth (purplish gray) on my outer v, and Tainted on my inner corner with dramatic thick black eyeliner and lots of mascara. This palette offers a lot of neutral colors but I rarely use them because I rarely need super pigmented shimmery neutral colors. The only thing I don’t like about this palette is the color Vanilla. I cannot figure out a way to use it and enjoy it. I don’t like it as an inner corner highlight, nor as a brow bone highlight. I love every other color though. My favorite thing about this palette is the packaging. Maybe because purple is one of my colors. I love the top part and how it has the little designs on the sides of it. They’re just too cute. But, the ud on the top of it is the finishing touch that makes it perfect.

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